Old Prints from China


王樹村編著,《楊柳青墨線年畫》, 頁40。 出版日期:1980年06月第1版

I’m studying popular prints of China and came across this rather refreshing one that does not copy from old styles. Instead of using fables as subject matter and character names as the title, this new style of prints is very straightforward about the content – a moral teaching on the ‘disadvantages’ of lying.


Bank’s Reputation Banks on Risky Project

226889_10150560729940088_4796228_nSome time ago, and I don’t remember when, I worked on an international marketing project for a major investment bank. They wanted to use China’s high speed railway as a symbol of their forward-looking approach to banking, and to convey a sense of smooth transitioning into the future.

I immediately knew it wasn’t a good idea. Among other reasons, the then Minister of Railway had just been arrested on charges of misconduct, and being someone familiar with the bureaucratic jargons, I understood it could mean corruption. Continue reading →